Spring babies

Spring babies are such miracles!   We love watching the wee ones grow.  The Cormos have blessed us with a dozen babies this year and now the Shetlands are starting.   These two beauties arrived yesterday.     And these Pilgrim geese arrived today.   She was on 6 or 7 eggs, but I’d be taking my life […]

First 2019 baby

January is a busy month for us with birthdays, our anniversary and new goals.  But a new baby was not on our list.  The first 2019 baby we thought would come the middle of February, but I failed to see in my notes that dad had a visit before that.   She is a little cutie […]

Warning! POISON

It has turned cold and that means there are more rodents seeking a warm place, in our barns and outbuildings, where food is available.  We have several bait traps out with the above product.  The animals cannot get inside the traps.  However, someone helping us emptied a trap into a garbage bag and put a […]

Record keeping

  This is definitely a “do as I recommend, not as I have done” type of post.  I have a white board at the barn on which I make notes, but notes haven’t always been copied to permanent records before being deleted.   I know that I will remember what I did and will go to the […]

Halter training lambs

Today three of the lambs, one ewe and two rams were really testing to see if the halters would hold.   That littlest stinker ram managed to get his off three times  before I got it on correctly so he couldn’t get it off.   Then I tied him to the feeder with as little rope as […]