Warning! POISON

It has turned cold and that means there are more rodents seeking a warm place, in our barns and outbuildings, where food is available.  We have several bait traps out with the above product.  The animals cannot get inside the traps.  However, someone helping us emptied a trap into a garbage bag and put a different bait into the trap, then left the garbage lying there.


I looked in the office and saw Beau, with the garbage bag ripped apart and he was very interested in the contents.  That frightened me!   There is no antidote for the rodenticide used in Tomcat Bait Chunx.  It is toxic in small amounts.   A toxic amount in a dog will manifest either as paralysis or convulsions and is deadly.

Off to the vet we rushed.   They made him vomit and then gave him activated charcoal.  We don’t really know for sure if he ingested it or how much.  We do know that 2.5 cubes of this stuff are missing.  It is toxic by weight and his being a big boy at 99# is helpful here. I reached poison control today and they said for 100# it would take 4 cubes.  I do wish that information was on the packaging.  Please check any chemicals or poisons you might have on your property and know that your animals cannot reach them.  And know the antidote in case someone else makes a mistake.

This photo is of Beau today being happy and playful. We are so very thankful.