Pyrenees Pups

Due to a heavy coyote load plus other wild animals and eagles, we use the Great Pyrenees dogs to guard our sheep and chickens.

October 3, 2021.   The pups are now young adults.  Most of them have gone on to new homes, but we kept replacement pups.  They are now young adults and nothing goes unnoticed – no elk, deer, bear, etc are allowed inside the fencing.  The sheep are safe!

Pups at play about 10 weeks old


This is Daisy and her 10 pups who entered the world by C-section just after midnight  October 26, 2019

And again at 2 weeks old, just before their eyes opened.

This is Daisy’s preferred method of feeding these days.   The racket and the scratching seems to be a bit much for her.   She wants me to feed and she will lick and clean them.        In the lower photos, they are just 3 weeks old.   They will be put near the sheep next week and we start with their guardian training.





Daisy’s pups at 8 weeks.   They did not enjoy the posing!

More puppy photos

We have 3 adults working                                    .              Beau, also 7 is the pups father.

Lacey, is nearly 7, so she will help teach the pups..   She is a great perimeter dog.