About Sharon Massena

  At 75 years of age, I looked at my husband and said “we’re not getting old, we’re getting sheep” and so we did.  At that time, I had an acquaintance who asked me if I would care for her sheep another winter.  I said “no”, but that I would buy the flock.

My grandparents were farmers.  but my parents wanted nothing to do with farms and didn’t understand my desire for animals. Though I have an entrepreneurial spirit, it seemed like a dream that wouldn’t happen.  So I contented myself with raising 7 children, working with a few animals, 4-H, plus cooking, sewing, quilting and other crafts.

I learned to knit as a child, and became interested in spinning some of the fibers which could be grown on the farm. We started with 4H milk goats, and soon added sheep, Angora goats, rabbits and alpacas (though not all at the same time).  During this time, we have also been entertained by other non-fiber animals – the obligatory chickens, geese, ducks, and turkeys plus Jersey cows.

We now have a mini farm in the Pacific Northwest – 10 acres with Cormo,  Wensleydale, and Shetland sheep plus Great Pyrenees guard dogs.  The sheep and associated work are trying to keep me young –  or at least working muscles that would not otherwise be worked.

My goal is to support my sheep to be the healthiest, best producers possible to provide you, the customer with wool you can proudly spin for next to skin softness. If you are happier to have the wool processed into yarn that you can use immediately, we have found a processor who does an excellent job with this wool, and is also in the Pacific NW.  Now our products are grown and processed here in Washington state

This means if you want fiber pets or breeding stock, you can expect healthy sheep with wonderful wool.  Or if you would rather start with the wool clean and spun, we can now provide that.   I would love to help you choose the fiber or sheep that is best for you.  You will find information on how to reach me on the “contact us” page.

We appreciate your visit with us.