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CORMO – The luxury fiber

Our Cormo sheep average a 20-micron count which gives it a soft hand  It is warm, crimpy wool with lots of loft and luster and, therefore, is versatile for knitting anything from next to the skin to outerwear.  it has great elasticity and crisp stitch definition.  It blooms when blocked   We offer it in lace, fingering, sport, worsted, and DK.  It is wonderful for colorwork.

Sheep are grazers and all kinds of weeds and seeds end up in their coats.  We use no chemicals to remove them.   We pick out (by hand) as much of these as we can before sending them to the mill.  However, you will probably find a few.   They should fall out as you work with the yarn.

Combed top is wonderful next to skin, as the fibers are aligned parallel.    This soft, fluffy roving is excellent for spinning into fine lace weight yarn. It will produce a yarn with strength and memory, while still being soft enough for the most delicate skin. For needle felting or wet felting, it acts much like Merino.

Not only is this roving good for clothing, it holds up beautifully in making thin felted yardage, wall hangings, vases, etc.

Our combed top is undyed and available in brown, gray, or white.   4 oz   $20

Natural 3 ply DK Cormo
90 grams  200 yards    $35.00
Natural 3 ply Worsted Cormo
90 grams165 yards   $35.00
Natural 3 ply sport Cormo
84 gms   200 yards
Natural 2 ply Sport Cormo
92 gm  250 yards      $30.00
Natural brown 2 ply Cormo Sport
88 grams 250 yards     $35.00
 Natural gray 3 ply worsted Cormo
90 grams 165 yards     $35.00
Natural 3 ply lite DK/heavy sport
100 gms/250 yds    $35.00




60/40 Cormo/alpaca
3 ply light DK/heavy sport
50 grams  130 yards   $25.






100% Cormo


 Solid Black  100% Cormo
light worsted 3 ply
56 grams  105 yards   $25.00
ming 100% Cormo
3 ply marled
light worsted
56 grams
105 yards

Giggle Green
Pretty in Purple

100% Cormo
2 ply fingering
100 gms
375 yards   $35.00

LYndi sweater100% Coroo 3 ply DK
90 gms 200 yards   $35.00



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