JJ – 2020 House sheep

I’m not sure, but I may be a dog but then again, I do like to pull plugs out of the wall and investigate absolutely everything I can reach.  Bracken,the dog, doesn’t bother with such.   And her toys have me puzzled as well.

Surprise packages

Surprise?  We did not anticipate all this new life that we are seeing.  Both the neighbor and I have had a surge of births that we did not plan.  Boys will be boys and if there are girls around, they use all their wits to get out and make a visit.  This means we will […]

Iris, the boss

Remember Iris, the bottle baby from May.        She is now 6 months old and has turned into the boss. She is first at the feeder, but usually she manages to get out as we are going in and we find her in the hay.  She is still very small and just goes […]

Iris, the bottle baby

Iris is a bottle baby because after human interference, her mother didn’t think she gave birth to two babies and only wanted the other one.   She loves to run near the sheep, but hasn’t quite decided she is a sheep.     She runs with the dog, watches the bird with the dog and often naps […]

Babies again

A first time mother managed to have these ram babies on the ground and nursing by the time I went to give them their dinner.  I love it when nature needs no help.